To guide an assist our youth in their pursuit of personal growth and the meaning of sportsmanship through athletic excellence that will improve the lives of all that are involved
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APRIL 2019

April 6/7                    USSSA Tournament
April 13                      RASA Opening Day
April 14                      10U/12U Select Round Robin
April 20                      One Day USSSA Tournament
April 27/28                USSSA Tournament
MAY 2019

May 1-4                      PSAC College Playoffs
May 10/11                  USSSA Night Owl Tournament
May 11/12                   USSSA Tournament
May 17                         RASA Home Run Derby
May 18/19                  USSSA Tournament
May 25/26                 USSSA Tournament
May 31                        RASA 10U/12U All Star Games
JUNE 2019
June 1/2                     USSSA Tournament
June 7/8                     USSSA Night Owl Tournament
June 8/9                     USSSA Tournament
June 14                       Richland Township Movie Night
June 15/16                  USSSA Tournament
June 21/22                 USSSA Night Owl Tournament
June 22/23                 USSSA Tournament
June 28/29                 USSSA Night Owl Tournament
June 29/30                 USSSA Tournament
JULY 2019
July 3-7                       TNT Summer Showcase
July 12                         Richland Township Movie Night
July 13/14                   USSSA Tournament
July 19/20                  USSSA Night Owl Tournament
July 20/21                  USSSA Tournament
July 27/28                  USSSA Tournament
August 3/4                   USSSA All Star Event
August 10/11                USSSA All Star Event (rain date)